Shudokan Karate is becoming Longmont Wado-Kai Karate!

We are continuing the work that Sensei Tanabe started more than 30 years ago with a new dojo!  Gus Brockmann, a 4th degree black belt who has been traning with Sensei Tabane for 30 years will be taking over as head instructor.  Please visit our new website!


Authentic Japanese Karate

Wado-Kai (way of peace) is the most popular form of Karate in Japan. The style is a blend of traditional Karate forms of quick, powerful linear techniques and Jujitsu, a style that emphasizes an efficient circular motion. The style also emphasizes naturalness in body stance and motion, and cultivates a mental attitude to overcome one's perceived physical limitations. Instruction is interactive and personal, and assumes that mastery can be achieved equally by men and women independent of body type and strength.

"Shudokan" literally means "the house where you master the way." There are only twenty schools in the world which carry the Shudokan designation. Established in 1988, Wado-Kai Shudokan Karate has been serving the adults, youth and children of the Longmont area with quality karate and self-defense instruction.

Head Instructor - Sensei Tanabe

Sensei Tanabe

  • 6th degree Black Belt
  • M.S. of Kinesiology
  • USA National Karate Federation Certified
  • Japan Karate Federation Certified
  • Executive Director of North America Karate Masters Association
  • Front Range Community College Faculty -- Japanese Language and Culture
  • Recipient of Overseas Distinguished Karate Service Award from Japan Karate Federation, Wado-Kai.

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